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Monsters For... started in 2011 as "Monsters For Hope Gardens". My church (Hollywood United Methodist) does a lot of work with Hope Gardens. Every year the youth group collects toys for the shelter. This got me thinking about the children at Hope Gardens and how being homeless can turn your life upside down; sometimes you must leave all your possessions behind when you leave a bad situation and you turn up at a shelter with nothing but the clothes on your back. I wanted to create hand-made gifts for the children, something they could love & hug; something to bring comfort; something made from the heart! I decided on lovable monsters that could be cuddled & taken anywhere.

The children love receiving the monsters as much as I love making them.

In 2013 my church mission group asked if they could have some monsters to take to Haiti (Earthquake relief) and to the Philippines (Tsunami relief) when they went ... my answer YES!

Now these hand-made monsters will be handed out around the world by my church mission group working with several relief efforts as well as the Hope Gardens Shelter.

Of course Monster making is fun but it also takes time & money. Each unique one-of-a-kind monster is created by hand. Fabric monsters have hand-stitched faces & machine-sewn bodies. Other monsters are hand knit with hand-stitched faces. Each monster has a heart sewn on to show the love. Then monsters are delivered to where they are needed & personally handed out to the children.

Several crafters have taken the time to knit, crochet & sew monsters to donate. I love seeing what others come up with. And I send them a BIG THANK YOU!!

If you would like to make & donate a monster:
I will accept all types of monsters as long as they are kid friendly & can be used by the kids for bedtime snuggling. They can be any type of yarn (please no mohair or angora) as long as they are soft enough to snuggle with at bedtime without being scratchy or itchy. No buttons or other attachments that might pose a choking hazard to small children. (Safety eyes are OK for the older children.) Monsters should also be machine washable, as a well loved monster will get a bit dirty & need many baths. Sewn monsters are also accepted. Please use soft brightly colored fabric that can be given to any child (genger-neutral).

Monsters can be mailed to:
Monsters For...
17 Evergreen Lane
Burlington, NJ 08016

If you would like to donate:
I am always in need of supplies... fabric, stuffing, yarn, thread, etc. If you would like to help with this project... please click the donation button & give what you can.



All donations will go toward creating monsters, purchasing supplies & getting the monsters to where they are needed.


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